Welcome to RC-Carbonstore

Here you find everything about Carbon and Aluminium what Model builders need

Our extensive warehouse contains Carbon sheets/plates and tubes, 7075 Aluminium sheets/plates, round/hex rods and all the different mills you will need for your production

Especially we are very proud about our unique multiple carbon surface variations
- The well known Carbon fabrics plain and twill
- Plain fabric with integrated metallic string in Carbon-gold, silver, blue, red/orange, green
- Colored Glassfiber “3D Wave” fabric with Carbon Core in gold, grey, purple and blue
- Alutex (Aluminium-coated glassfiber), with Carbon Core too
- The Carbon-Tubes are available with plain/twill surface and matt/glossy finish


Our Aluminium Warehouse just contains the high-strength 7075 alloy sheets/plates and round rods, up to 25mm we can precision mill the plates to +/-0,02mm


We receive our cutting tools (CNC-mills) from well known Companies like ZCC-Cutting Tools and Hufschmied, for all the money savers we also offer mills from china


To all who don`t have a CNC-machine at home we also produce YOUR parts by request on one of our 2 CNC machines, a Datron NEO and a Haase AL1065
Doesn`t matter if you send us the part you`d like to get reproduced, sending a hand-drawing or a CAD-File, we will handle it


So please take time and have fun by surfing our Webshop :)