T4 Fronti Conversion Alu-Crossflex Chassis
XRAY T4 Fronti Conversion Alu-Crossflex Chassis
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XRAY T4 Fronti Conversion Alu-Crossflex Chassis

Description Crossflex Chassis (+attached pics)

1)     Pic 1 shows the torsion-simulation in the 3D Programm, well a chassis will never bend that much but for explaining the main Crossflex Feature its ok ??

2)     To make it a little simpler we“ll show it with a twisted plate with a straight shaft in the middle in pic 2, front to rear is twisted by 30° in that sample, total dimension is like a common chassis 2 x 80 x 330mm

3)     To see what“s the point we cutted away some areas to see what we wanna show, like in pic 3

4)     Pic 4 shows all the cutaway areas, the small yellow lines show the 2mm edges of each remained area, connected through the middle with the purple lines

š So what does that mean?
This shows us that a twisted chassis just bends inline, but NOT 90° to it, which means the purple lines in pic 4 keep all straight while the whole chassis is twisted


5)     As shown in pic 5 the fixing threats on the red lines for the crossflex inserts sit all on these lines (which is the main part of the patent), which finally means they have almost no flex influence cause they doesn“t bend or twist anyway.
BUT, to make that work the other 2 fixing areas over cross of the inserts are lowered by 0,3mm to get the space to move up/down when the chassis flexes (Which is the other part of the patent)

6)     For example on the insert shown in pic 6 you have 2 holes sitting on the red-line which are the no flex-influence fixing points
READ CAREFULLY: If you want to make that area stable you have to add the 0,3mm shims between chassis and insert on the other two 0,7mm areas (than it“s medium), if you also put screws in the two ?over cross? areas you“ll get the hard setting

š And exactly this redline/overcross Flex adjustment made the Chassis called Crossflex ??

7)     As shown in pic 5 & 7 just the L-profile inserts doesn“t work exactly that scheme, their redline has an 4,6° angle to the other lines, BUT they are also lowered to 0,7mm on one end which we set as basic-setup that both 1mm areas sitting on the redline.
Please make sure that you put them in the same way left/right!

INSTALL TIPP: For the screws we recommend the use of a magnetic 0,3x1,5mm screwdriver. Raise the battery by ~0,5mm as we do with our rubber inserts under the battery. Also fix the electronic stuff with double side tape just on the chassis, NOT on the inserts?


Weight of Chassis:
Crossflex: 83g
Crossflex + Brass inserts: 147g
=> Inserts 64g

Chassis are black anodized and laser-engraved

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